Redeyes - Poetry In Motion LP

It's time to officially announce the first Spearhead Records artist LP which will be coming soon from the one and only Redeyes.

The album will be coming in 2 x double pack EP's and CD with extra exclusives, plus a cheeky 12" on our sister label "Future Retro".

SPEAR019 - Poetry In Motion LP Part 1.

A) Poetry In Motion feat. Sweed
B) Conart
C) Luv & Haight feat. Deeizm
D) Blue Note

SPEAR020 - Poetry In Motion LP Part 2.

A) Sugar feat. Mutt
B) The Night Is Over feat. Sweed
C) Cruise Ship to the Stars
D) Let It Shine

Future Retro 007:

A) How Many Ways feat. Random Movement
B) Groove Thing feat. Mutt & Random Movement

Plus the CD and Digital pack which will also include:
Dusty, Battle Of Sweet Things and more...

All coming up for Summer 2008 on Spearhead Records!

P.S. копим бабосы на хорошую музычку!

01 "state of mind" Featuring Eveson - forthcomin Channel 82
02 "groove thing" Featuring RandomMovement, Mutt, McMikeRomeo - Poetry in motion LP
03 "turn around" CIA Deepkut
04 "luv & haight" Featuring Deeizm - Poetry in motion LP
05 "hey lover" Bingo beats
06 "poetry in motion" Featuring Sweed - Poetry in motion LP
07 "seperate ways" dub
08 "conart" Poetry in motion LP
09 "clapslap" CIA Deepkut
10 "Cruise ship to the stars" Poetry in motion LP
11 "born with a headache" forthcomin Brand:Nu
12 "dusty" Poetry in motion LP
13 "i live" creative source
14 "the night is over" featuring Sweed - Poetry in motion LP
15 "soul brother" W10
16 "let it shine" Poetry in motion LP
17 "pusherman" SPY Vip - dub
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  • Музыка: Redeyes - Conart
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