Интервью с P.B.K. (Padeborn Killers)

Мало ли кто, как и я, пропустил сентябрьский пост на

"....We know it’s easier and cheaper to work with a computer only, and do everything digitally, but we like to think that the original synths have a much better and warmer sound compared to some programs that try to imitate the original sound. For example, some of the compressed sounds you can find in Reason sound really thin and bad, but on the other side you can work pretty fast and easy with all this computer based programs.

It’s a matter of taste, budget and how much you want to invest into your hobby. It’s also about how you like to work with your equipment. We know many artists that work 100% digital and they create damn good sounds. At the end its not about the equipment that you use, but about your ideas and creativity....."

Отличное интервью, читал на одном дыхании. Одни из моих all-time #1
  • Музыка: Apex - By The Way [HZN028]
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